Our Artists

Vanessa Pla:

is a Latinx filmmaker who  currently resides in Austin, Texas and works both in Texas and California. Her work predominantly consists of music videos. Her recent music video “Outside” for Annabelle Chairlegs was voted Video of the Year at the Austin Music Awards. She is currently working on a script about the Goddess Athena  in relation to modern day society..

Manuel Alejandro Vargas:

is an award-winning filmmaker and director from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Over the past six years, he has developed his craft working on a wide variety of sets that include both narrative and feature length films, some of which are an Spanish language and award winning drama short 'Argumento' (2019), recorded as one continuous take. In addition to 'Ghost', a five minute short music video shot on 16mm film. And recently his short comedy/drama called 'Tribe: The Untold Story of the Making of Vice Cops' (2020) has won several awards that have been featured in multiple countries around the world.


Danny Ramos:

is a TV Producer and host of the community affairs show Hispanics Speak Out. Three shows are aired over Spectrum Cable in Central Florida. He was the political consultant and advisor to major elected officials including one President of the United States, several governors and congressmen. He is an avid creator of media campaigns including TV and radio, for corporate relations in the Hispanic community.  Danny is also a talented artist and an established community leader in the Hispanic Arts of Central Florida, showing his continued support of the arts through the organization of events and exhibits.

AIZ 731:

Campañas contra el cáncer, el maltrato infantil y la violencia contra la mujer, son parte del repertorio del bolígrafo de éste artista alcanzando con éxito al rededor de medio millón de plays entre todas sus plataformas.En más de una década de carrera musical, ha conquistado tarimas de Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos colaborando en conciertos de Hip Hop como "Rap Latino Fest" el segundo festival más importante de Rap en Latinoamérica y ha compartido tarimas con artistas internacionales como De La Ghetto y Lito MC Cassidy.


Daniel Grisak:

Daniel is an award winning Director of Photography and Editor that resides in Austin, TX. Born from Houston, Daniel grew up in and around Austin and went to Austin School of Filmmaking in 2011. From there he grew into the local community to work on various and diverse range of different video/film related projects. Working with creators and filmmakers alike, Daniel focuses on the tools needed to tell a story and has helped successfully create unique experiences using different traditional and modern techniques in filmmaking through the lens and editing process. His projects include the music video “Ghost (2019) Featuring Music by Mellowdrone, that he produced, filmed and edited, along with also doing the same for the short film “Tribe: The Untold Story of The Making of Vice Cops (2019) along with working on other projects such as Danny Golden’s music video “Old Mate (2018)” and Olivia Nash’s shorts “El Delirio(2021) and “Hi (2021) to which the feature is being prepared for filming in 2021.


Born in 1995, Khovu (prounced as K-Oh-Voo) is a HipHop artist coming out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and based in Jacksonville, Florida. Khovu was first discovered when he dropped his first single "All Day" in 2016.Since then, he has made various singles (LFTV, By Myself & Famous). Khovu brings a unique versatile style that ranges from harmonic, melodic, lyrical & aggressive. The name "Khovu" is represented as "Scar" in Swahili, as people have "scars" that they carry or have endured in their lives, Khovu sheds light on the topic in his music.

Sebastián Medina:

Sebastián Medina, cantante, compositor y pianista, latino originario de Boston, mejor conocido como Sbm estrena nuevo sencillo “En Mis Sueños”, cover del Grupo Menudo cuya composición es de William Luque e interpretado por el cantante Ángelo Garcia en la producción “Sombras y Figuras” en el año 1988.

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